Automate the logistics: How super-streamlined project management helps you focus on customer service


This is Part Three of a four-part series covering how SIs can properly manage their field service teams – driving increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction, and streamlined operations. Read Part One here and Part Two here.

You want to focus on the core of your mission: delivering excellent service and providing for your customers’ important needs.

But in reality, logistics often bog down the job. Project management tasks like scheduling, time-tracking, and progress updates are necessary but arduous -- sucking away time and focus that could be better spent on the core task of serving the customer. 

These additional hours bloat project costs and reduce your business’ availability to pick up additional service calls. In fact, project management costs generally total 7-11% percent of a job’s Total Installed Cost -- a huge opportunity cost and hit to your bottom line.

It’s unsurprising, then, that nearly 1 in 2 manufacturing project managers say managing project costs was the biggest problem they faced in 2017. Not far behind on the problem list are hitting deadlines (45.8%) and sharing information across teams (43.9%).

But project management doesn’t have to mean countless phone calls and forms. By partnering with a provider who automates these logistical tasks, your business can save hours of valuable time and empower engineers to focus on what they do best. Here’s what Volt480 provides:

  • An intelligent, easy-to-use mobile portal that helps both your engineers and customers. Volt480’s portal automatically fills in specific details for your customers, so when they submit work orders you’ll learn all about the problem up front – significantly cutting down time spent diagnosing issues.
  • Immediate broadcasting of the right job to the right engineer. Some service calls require certain experience or specialized expertise that can be found in a freelance engineer. Volt480’s matching technology helps you immediately identify the best field service provider for the job, so you can dispatch the best engineer in less time.
  • Automated, real-time updates. The Volt480 platform automatically provides updates to your customer as the engineer’s work progresses. Your client receives the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with being kept in the loop, all while you avoid the time-intensive management of the communication between parties.
  • Streamlined tracking and billing. Volt480 tracks the time your field service staff spends on calls, and automatically bills to POs or credit cards when the job is complete – making speedy payment a breeze.

Bhavnesh Patel