You can’t hire for everything: How to leverage a network of on-demand engineers

This is Part Two of a four-part series covering how SIs can properly manage their field service teams – driving increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction, and streamlined operations. Read Part One here.

The nature of work is changing rapidly. The “gig economy” is taking hold in nearly every industry – and system integrators can leverage this trend to great benefit.

First, let’s take a look at the big picture: About 36% of the U.S. workforce is currently freelancing, and by 2027, that figure is expected to rise to more than 50%.

This shift allows workers to enjoy the flexibility of side hustles and fully freelance careers, and it also represents massive cost and time savings for employers. The hiring process can be expensive and long: posting jobs, conducting interviews, matching expertise to customer needs, paying full-time salaries, managing staffers…then starting all over again if someone leaves the company.

System integrators don’t always need a large staff year-round, or even from one week to the next. Instead, expand your reach with on-demand freelance engineers who can beef up staff and provide specialized expertise -- only when you need them. 

Here’s how a network of talented freelance engineers can help you boost revenue:

  • Hire local, and fast. On-boarding full-time staffers can be expensive and time-consuming. Volt480 connects you with on-demand, vetted independent contractors who are local to your client’s facility and ready to assist immediately – saving you time, and delighting your customer with speedy service.
  • Fill your bench when you need it. Adding engineers during busy times allows you to pick up more service calls, without the unnecessary overhead of a large full-time staff that isn’t utilized during slow periods. Boosting the number of workers immediately and with ease greatly expands your ability to increase sales.
  • Add specialized expertise to land more jobs. Don’t have the in-house staff to fix a particularly thorny problem? Grab an external service provider who specializes in just that fix. Volt480’s platform uses matching technology to help you immediately identify the best engineer for the job. 

The gig economy represents great opportunity. According to a Forrester study, the majority of companies agree the primary barrier to their long-term success is having the right talent. But 55% say they don’t have that talent in their internal workforce to get the job done, largely because “the market for these skills is highly competitive and costly.”

Leveraging on-demand knowledge workers through providers like Volt480 removes that competition and cost. Plus, 78% of companies report satisfaction with this external workforce – all while enjoying a massive cost savings and increased potential for growth.