The Customer Experience: Why it’s so essential today

Whatever industry or businesses you service, the customers you support have become veteran on-line consumers. Today’s tech-savvy e-commerce driven customers expect businesses to provide at least an online browser-driven portal supplemented by a mobile phone-based app. With a single click or tap, they have grown accustomed to ordering everything they need from food to transportation with as little friction as possible.

It’s this customer experience that becomes the corner stone for business to growing not only their existing customer base, but to expanding their reach to new customers.

Providing these e-tools to customers is the first step towards creating an exceptional customer experience. 

A recent Price Waterhouse and Cooper (PwC) study showed that 73% of survey respondents identified the customer experience as one of the most important factors in making their decisions (price and product quality were cited as the top purchasing motivators). Compare that to only 49% of US-respondents said that companies are providing a good customer experience today. (1) That’s over half of the industry failing.

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With the VOLT480 support portal, your customer can order services just like the would do when ordering items on Amazon.

Customers expect an easy, effortless experience

Tech-leading companies continue to raise the bar higher with innovations that continue to make working with them simpler and easier. Your customer expect a similar on-line experience just as they receive from companies like Amazon, Nordstrom, and Zappos – it’s hard to keep up with these tech titans. It’s not that your customers are comparing you to your direct competition, it’s that they’re comparing you to any company that delivers a great service experience.

Speed is non-negotiable

The primary leading benefit of online tools and phone apps is the ability to make a transaction or request for services as quickly and easily as possible. For your customers in manufacturing and industrial automation, they especially need speed and convenience. 70% of customers find these basic, non-negotiable customer services mandatory. (1)

Customer service that is always-on

Problems in factories, manufacturing facilities and any business occur at the most inopportune times. Your customers expect the ability to contact you and request services 24x7. They require quick and efficient service any time of day or night. 70% of consumers now expect some component of self-service system be available for handling or issues. (2)

The knowledge necessary to anticipate customer needs

It’s difficult if not impossible to know why and when customer needs help, but having a complete picture of their past projects and plant assets can lead you in the right direction. This shows that you value your customer and their time. 

In fact, being valued and understood drives the personalization that becomes a powerful tool not only for enhancing existing customer’s experiences, but as a feature for acquiring new accounts. In today’s market, 72% of consumers expect companies to understand of their needs and expectations. 

When customers reach out for help, they expect an intuitive process that drives them to a quick and frictionless resolution.