On-Demand Industrial Services


Industrial grade support.


 Stronger Customer Relationships

Stronger Customer Relationships

 Automated Logistics


 Expanded Service Support

Expanded Service

 Predictive Insights


Volt480 is a cloud- and mobile-based, field service management platform that’s built just for you. We’re creating an ecosystem that benefits industrial manufacturers, system integrators, machine builders, OEMs, and distributors.

We help drive revenue and strengthen customer relationships.

We offer a marketplace of independent service engineers and system integrators when specialized expertise is required or additional staffing is needed for peak demand.

We supercharge field service with easy-to-use, advanced tools including: automated logistics, streamlined billing, intuitive issue diagnosis powered by machine learning, and analytics for predictive solution selling.

Our Mission

Volt480 is supercharging manufacturing services with the tech-forward, on-demand experience we’ve all come to expect in our daily lives.

But Volt480 is a lot more than a platform.  

We are a platform that’s custom-made for you. We are enabling system integrators, machine builders, distributors and manufacturers to be more profitable and productive. We are creating a vibrant community of experts. We are Volt480.