Built for System Integrators

VOLT480 delivers the only platform to streamline your support services that provides a great customer experience, automatic logistics and a marketplace of contingent resources.

    customizable Online support Portal and mobile app

    Delivers the simplicity your customers need to effortlessly request support services.

    • Online portal and mobile app branded to your services portfolio
    • Easy-to-use customer interface embedded in your website
    • Service request generation workflow developed for System Integrators
    • Intuitive step-by-step work order process that even the least technical customer can follow
    • Always on, always available for you and your customers

    Manage service requests from a single portal

    Reduce the hassle of multiple emails, phone calls and texts required to identify issues and manage logistics.

    • Simplify customers support requests and managing resources with a single interface
    • Resolve issues faster with collaboration tools for customers and engineers
    • Manage work order submission, scheduling, dispatch and problem resolution online, anytime
    • Provide customers with simple one-click online bill payment option

    Expand service reach without increasing overhead

    Using machine-learning algorithms, VOLT480 gathers the critical data to identify and match the best service engineer to customer need based on expertise and location.

    • Hire contingent support service resources only when you need it
    • Expand service expertise and locations with contract engineers
    • Assign engineering resources quickly without time-wasting searches

    Automate logistics & customer communications management

    Keep your clients updated in real time with online, email and mobile app notifications throughout the job process

    • Send confirmation of the work order scheduled start time
    • Automate alerts keeps customers updated in real-time
    • Customer communications tools help resolve on-site issues
    • Dispatch vetted technicians with skills, availability, and the right parts

    Fast-track problem resolution with VOLT480 Health Check & Dispatch

    VOLT480 Health Check & Dispatch converts real-time comprehensive machine data into a work order for faster, more accurate issue resolution and engineer dispatching.

    • Capture on-site issues generated from machine error codes
    • Compile comprehensive machine status, settings, configurations and error data
    • Create a work order with real-time data for faster dispatch of the right engineer

    Increase revenue potential through services

    Streamline services operations and reduce costly hours spent trying to identify issues and dispatching engineers.

    • Predictive analytics turns service call data into sales opportunities by predicting trends in plant issues, part lifecycles and equipment failures
    • Machine learning algorithms identifies solutions to reduces time-on-job
    • Engineers focus on problems with data generated automatically from the initial customer service request
    • Leverage predictive analytics to proactively sell solutions instead of reactive repairs