What We Do

We built every piece of Volt480’s platform and features with a single goal in mind: streamlining your operations so you can focus on delivering great service to more customers.

  1. Provide intelligent, easy-to-use online and mobile tools that exceeds customers’ expectations. Volt480’s platform streamlines the process for both your customers and your field service engineers. Rather than depend on time-consuming phone calls and educated guesses, Volt480 uses machine learning algorithms that automatically diagnose equipment problems — helping your client describe the issue in detail, so your engineers can get started on a fix right away.
  2. Leverage machine learning technology to dispatch the right engineer then augment the engineer's skillset to solve the problem more efficiently. Traditional processes of scheduling and logistics can take hours of phone calls and forms, significantly cutting into revenue and consuming resources. Volt480’s technology helps you immediately identify the best engineer for the job then uses your machine learning to help solve the problem, for a faster response and resolution time that means more satisfied customers and increased sales.
  3. Extend your reach with local engineers and expertise — only when they’re needed. Independent engineers allow you to fill your bench immediately to pick up jobs, without the time and cost involved in hiring a full-time staffer. Volt480 connects you with on-demand, vetted contractors who are local to your client and ready to assist immediately. The ability to hire additional people, including those with specialized skill sets, with ease greatly expands options to book more jobs and increase sales.
  4. Analyze support requests for predictive sales.
    Volt480 analyzes the data from service calls to predict trends in plant issues and equipment failures, enabling you to recommend solutions and products that reduce your customers’ risk.

Additional Features

Cloud-Based Platform

Collaboration Tools

that aid alignment and reduce communication time for multi-location teams

Streamlined Tracking and Billing

that logs the time your field service staff spends on calls, and automatically bills to POs or credit cards when the job is complete

Multi-faceted Service Provider Ratings

for varied aspects of the job: on-time, competent, professional, efficient, etc.

Automated, Real-time Updates

that keep your client informed as work progresses, providing them peace of mind while you avoid time-intensive communication management